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As a growth agency, our only measure of success is more sales. 

Established 2006


“Thank you so much for to the ROI team for the workshop we attended. Dave and Jono taught us a great deal about gaining brand awareness and gave us some helpful tips on growing our audience to get more people to our website. They helped us develop an effective digital strategy and presented very technical information in an easy and digestible way!”

 – Ella Dumbrell, Kolide (Attended ROI workshop)

We are an integrated sales & marketing partner.  We work with your business to develop innovative growth strategies and unified sales goals through best practice digital marketing execution.

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Finding it harder to reach & communicate with customers

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Are you facing any of the current business challenges?

Increased competition from low priced operators

Diminishing returns from your existing or traditional target markets

Measuring which part of your marketing is working

ROI.COM.AU can help you unlock the best growth opportunities for your business: 

1. Find new ways to talk directly to customers

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2.  Expose unique new growth markets

3. Outline market attractiveness 

4. Outline ROI from your ad spend 

5. Expose new areas for digital growth 

6. Set business KPI

Sydney and Melbourne Workshops

Melbourne - Tuesday 14th August at 5pm

Sydney - Tuesday 21st  August at 5pm

Founder and CEO Ewan Watt 

have run many successful workshops for clients of ROI.COM.AU. By talking face-to-face in a relaxed environment, they will uncover things about your business that will help to project you forwards and help you grow.


How to De-Bug Qualified Sales Leads – Simply follow these 3 steps

  • Start with the basics –A qualified lead must include the correct name, email, phone and website address

  • Does the lead come from your business service area?

  • Does the lead need a product/service that you offer ie: residential need versus business need. –they are different needs and different target customers.

From my experience ; these simple 3 checks from the sales team can really improve the quality of the feedback provided to the  marketing team.

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